Video Game Console Design

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Video Game Console Design
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Game development is great fun and extremely rewarding and ultimately, why we are all here at Game Institute, but unfortunately there is a whole world of game development that most people never get to experience anymore — hardware design. In the 70’s and 80’s a “game developer” not only designed the game itself, wrote the code, and made the art, but he or she often designed the hardware as well! This lost art is what this course is all about: learning how to design, build, and modify your own game consoles from scratch.

This course will rapidly build your knowledge in the fields of electronics and game development by combining a heavy dose of theoretical discussion with practical hands-on experience, delivered every week in a series of fun and engaging experiments for you to work on.

The lessons cover the following topics:
Simple and Advanced Analog Electronics
Simple and Advanced Digital Electronics
Computer Architecture
Microcontroller Programming
Game Console Design
Video (TV, VGA, Vector)
Breadboarding a Prototype Game Console
Soldering Your Final Game Console
Hacking Game Demos
Creating Games from Scratch
Simulators and Emulators
and more…

Aside from the lesson topics covered here is a list of some of the experiments:
Creating a 5 Volt Regulator
Powering an LED
Measuring with a Multimeter
The voltage Divider Circuit
Playing with Switches
Diode Experiment
Introduction to the AND Gate
Half-Bit Adder
7 Segment Display
LED State Machine Design
and more…

Anyone who wants to learn more about the fundamentals of game hardware (game consoles, handhelds, video cards, sound cards, input devices, etc.) should definitely take this course. Certainly anyone who has an interest in electronics or robotics would also love a unique course like this one. If you are a developer who has been creating games for the PC, and you’d like to expand your horizons beyond the software realm and get some hardware engineering experience, then this class is definitely for you. Whether you are a high school student or you are just graduating with your Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, you can rest assured that you will take away some newfound knowledge and understanding from this course. What you do with that knowledge is completely up to you. Perhaps you will find a hobby making lots of different video game consoles or perhaps you will discover a new career path. It would be a great benefit to any developer to know how to develop their own embedded systems, particularly those that can run media applications such as games!

Previous programming experience is assumed but not absolutely required. There will be some microcontroller assembly language covered in the course, but most students will be able to pick this up fairly quickly with the resources we will provide. Previous electronics knowledge is not required since the course will cover this subject matter from the ground up. Basic high school level algebra (mathematics) skills are required.

This course is totally self-contained. All software and hardware required to complete the course are provided as part of the complete course package.

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