The Expert’s Guide To Graver Sharpening
English | XviD | 640×480 | ~1295 kbps | 128bps | 2 ch | 44 KHz | ~68 min | 695 MB

Sam Alfano takes the mystery and frustration out of graver sharpening and teaches you how to quickly and accurately prepare and sharpen gravers like the pros. Utilizing the GRS Sharpening System and high resolution close-up video, Alfano’s clear, step-by-step instructions make it easy to prepare gravers like the ones he uses to produce world class hand engraving. Dozens of timesaving and innovative hints, tips, demonstrations, and tricks of the trade make this information-packed video a must for beginners and professional engravers alike. Read more…



Carrie Rezabek – Pure Barre: 16th Street ( Vol.1 + Vol.2)
English | DivX | 672×372 | 29.970 fps | AC3, 192 kbps | 38:04 + 36:40 min | 436 + 420 MB

For the beginner to intermediate Pure Barre enthusiast who wants the most effective workout possible. This 45-minute full body workout will not waste your time. Pure Barre is the fastest, most effective way to change your body, producing results in just 10 sessions. You will be amazed at your narrower, leaner new physique. This DVD uses double tubing. Read more…



[b]Digital tutors – Interior Modeling Techniques with XSI[/b]
English | ISO | 1.69 GB[/center]


This video focuses on the second version, but can be successfully applied to the 5 th. These lessons are contained on 3 CD-ROMs, in ISO-format. The lessons are designed for novice users, but will be useful and advanced modeler. Softimage XSI is a professional package for 3D-animation, and is widely used in film-video industry, as well as geymdevelouperami. Lessons in English, but because the basic information is the video, the foreign voice does not bother. The total length of video – more than 6 hours . Lessons are your interface to play. To learn more about this lesson can be on the page: Read more…


OWASP AppSec Research
English | 640×360 | VP6F | 25fps 533kbps | MP3 80kbps | 4.88GB

OWASP is the not for profit security group that focuses primarily on Web Application Security.
From June 21-24 ~275 appsec people met in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. The OWASP chapters in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark together with Stockholm University hosted OWASP AppSec Research conference. Read more…



Prevention: 400 Calorie Fix Workout
English | DivX | 672×384 | 29.970 fps | MP3, 128 kbps | 00:53:37 | 597 MB

This interval training cardio and sculpting routine will burn 400 calories in just one 45 minute workout. Two time Gold Medalist Summer Sanders will lead you through three 15 minute workouts that combine cardio and sculpting to rev your calorie burn and metabolism. Each workout combines cardio intervals with resistance training, along with periods of active recovery. By varying the intensity throughout your workout and allowing for proper recovery time, you ll avoid hitting plateaus and will constantly be blasting fat! Read more…



Andrea Rogers – Xtend Barre: Lean & Chiseled
English | XviD | 672×372 | 29.970 fps | AC3, 192 kbps | 00:55:49 | 597 MB

The program is divided into three segments, allowing you to customize your workout each day. The upper-body section creates defined shoulders and arms and a beautiful back. The barre segment employs flowing dance movements to lift and tighten trouble spots like the glutes, hips, and thighs. And the core program targets the deep abdominal muscles to help chisel your midsection.

Incorporating both toning and cardio elements, this unique barre workout lengthens and strengthens your entire body in an exciting new way. You’ll burn calories, build lean muscle, and feel terrific! Equipment needed: a chair and light hand weights. Read more…


How to add 100k Facebook Fans – Mr. FBX
English | 960×720 | H264 | 15fps 293kbps | AAC 128kbps | 756MB

Mr FBX is a training program that teaches you how to create niche Facebook Fan pages, how to drive hoards of cheap Facebook Ads traffic to them, and how to monetise your pages with CPA offers, Clickbank offers, Amazon etc.

- Basic Facebook tutorials that include account creation, fan page creation, facebook ad creation etc.
– His winning campaigns and his losing campaigns.
– The most profitable niches to target.
– The Facebook traffic map and database of how much traffic you can get, which countries to target, and how much it will cost you. Read more…



Cherry Lane – Ozzy Osbourne – The Randy Rhoads Years
English | XviD | 704×368 | 29.970 fps | MP3, 96 kbps | 04:48:18 | 1.08 GB

Learn the guitar styles and techniques Randy Rhoads made famous with Ozzy Osbourne. Each part is played up to speed, then broken down note-by-note in this 2-DVD set to provide and in-depth analysis of 8 songs. Read more…



Bob Harper: Ultimate Cardio Body
English | DivX | 672×384 | 23.976 fps | AC3, 192 kbps | 78 minutes | 927 MB

Buckle down for a hypersonic cardiovascular roller coaster ride with Bob’s, Extreme Cardio Workout. Crush hundreds of calories with fast paced plane-changing movements, demanding total core engagement, and driving muscles forward as they race against your flying heart rate. Every inch of your body will burn as cutting-edge weight-wielding maneuvers command complete cardio and muscular activation, to demolish fat calories, pound for pound. Tower above your highest level and watch fat melt away as you pick up speed and exhibit excellent form with every unrelenting go-round. Stopping is not an option. Let’s go! Read more…



Beginners Blues – Icons of Rock With Charles Sedlak
English | 1h 20m | 720×480 (4:3) 29fps | AC3 48000 Hz, Stereo, 192 Kbps | 3.54 GB

“Learning Blues Guitar Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult. Learn The Insider Secrets To Playing Like The Blues Greats Quickly And Easily — Guaranteed!”. Join the thousands of musicians that have used the exact same system to play just like the Blues greats!. B.B. King. Chuck Berry. Stevie Ray Vaughan. Buddy Guy. and many others!. Read more…