About Us

by TutoLearning on June 22, 2011

1.What is TutoLearning.com ?

Tutolearning.com is a web portal with a slogan: “ Video TrainingElearning”, so it is place for users to exchange freely e-books, video training and other materials for educational purposes, self-practice only. On Tutolearning.com, you can DOWNLOAD everything for free of charge, so you CAN’T sell, or use it for any commercial purposes. Moreover, all of materials here, are really hard works from someone else, you should appreciate, respect the authors and buy with your money if they could help you earn money or improve your career. Finally, you enrich the amount of types and quantities of things on Tutolearning.com, you are welcomed to contribute your stuff.All other trademarks appearing on on this site are the property of their respective owners. We do not endorse contents submitted by our users. We are not affiliated with any 3rd party trademark material in any way. Tutolearning.com directs full legal responsibility of contents to their respective owners/users. Tutolearning.com is not responsible for the contents of any uploaded files,images, and other web contents, nor is it affiliated with entities represented in the uploaded files.

2.Future Approach: (not probably 100% percent could be done )

a.Gather some developers to enhance Tutolearning.com. ( If you are PHP/MySQL developers and want to help us something, please contact us, we really appreciate your support )

b.There will be a contest for members. Who contribute the most and the best, could have a prize.

c.Authoris Page would be improved with some more features, and could be a personal blog.


a.Members, visitors MUST NOT use any bad words, porn, violation and politics in their comments, and post ( or you could be banned )

b.If you want to post something, please register here and contact me. Much Appreciated

c.We will not accept posts for software, scripts or anything is not related to training and studying.

d.Your posts will be after moderating after you submitting, and if they aren’t followed the post guideline, or are not suitable, they will not be approved. FINALLY. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT ALL OF YOUR CONTRIBUTION ARE RECOGNIZED AND RESPECTED FROM THE STAFF AND EVERY MEMBERS ON TUTOLEARNING.COM . THANK YOU!!!!!!


a.Why I did not received registration email ? Please check your bulk/spam folder. If still not receiving, please contact us.

b.Will Tutolearning send any files, or attachments in its emails, newsletters ? The answer is NO. If you receive emails from our address , with attachments, please do not open them, they are not from us

c.Will Tutolearning charge fee or collect money in the future for Download or registration on TutoLearning.com? NO, until I  am still manage the staff and TutoLearning, you won’t pay any money to Download everything here.

d.Wow, TutoLearning is really useful and I wantto contribute something. What should I do ? There are following options to help us: - Contribute your ebooks, training , tutorials or any educational materials for other members. ( I as well as other staff will enjoy them also ) — Donate some bucks to help us spend on hosting, maintenance fee monthly. — You could introduce this portal to your friends, make it more popular, and prove our slogan “Video TrainingElearning

e.Humh, I did not found anything useful on TutoLearning? Actually, I and other staff are still students, and maintain it beside our studying time. As the result, of course, we can’t be sure 100% to satisfy everybody. Sorry, if you waste of time on TutoLearning.